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ADDICTION: What is yours?

ADDICTIONS….. ADDICTIONS they are many of them, food, alcohol, chocolate, gym and then the biggest one that breaks up relationships is PORN. PORN has become a part of men’s daily activities and don’t say “I don’t watch porn” if you do!  Also women can be addicted to porn and affects relationship with many break downs. When… Continue reading ADDICTION: What is yours?

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The loss of love and my grief…..

When the garage door rolls up and I enter the house there is a deafening silence. The early mornings when my eyes open to nothing, those missing eyes, smiles and kisses. Going to bed the loneliness and empty good night cuddles. This has been my life for the past 3 months since my Chardy and… Continue reading The loss of love and my grief…..


Best Love Affair

Self-love, self-nurturing, self-respect, women in 2016 are realising it is time to have the “Best Love Affair” with themselves. Women from all walks of life, married, divorced, single, when our love tank is overflowing with self-love only then can we truly love others.

As she walked into the crowded room there are many shadows and
reflections. The shadow of a silhouette shimmered in the light, as she
walked closer her mind wandered, her palms sweaty, fast heart, fear of
getting caught, is this where the affair would start?

She took a step forward then stopped with hesitation.

With confidence she stepped forward and her eyes sparkled to discover
that her new lover was her own reflection in the mirror. She realised the
best love affair was with herself.

Debbie Majella Nolan had lost the love and respect for herself. Her marriage was heading to divorce, her self-esteem was vanishing and she no longer cared.
January 2014 Debbie started and affair “Best Love Affair”, she then did some mind mapping and then some digging. She unearthed an astonishing array of experience, knowledge from her journey that she wants to share with women.
Want to discover how to have the ‘Best Love Affair’?
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